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Living in South Tyrol

The location South Tyrol is characterized by its unique landscape, its good infrastructure and above all, by its cultural diversity. This diversity is also reflected in the real estate market: From the remote farm in Vinschgau to the centrally located penthouse apartment in the centre of Bolzano, South Tyrol offers a range of properties that could not be more varied.

Real Estate in Bolzano and the surrounding area
As the largest metropolitan area in South Tyrol, Bolzano is divided into the following districts: Centre, Gries / Quirein, Rentsch / Bozner Boden, Oberau / Haslach and Europe / Neustift / Don Bosco. If the real estate prices in the last three quarters are on a rather average level, living in Gries / Quirein and above all in the centre is certainly above average. The prices of apartments can vary greatly depending on location and equipment.

In the locations around Bolzano, such as Terlano, Andriano, Nals, Ritten, Sarnthein, Jenesien and Karneid, real estate prices are significantly lower. These locations are characterized by their proximity to Bolzano, their quiet location and their consistently good infrastructure and are therefore a real alternative for those looking for a relatively cheap apartment in the immediate vicinity of the state capital.

Property in Merano / Burgraviato
The spa town of Meran, as the second largest city in South Tyrol, is roughly divided into the following districts: Centre, Obermais, Untermais and Sinich. In contrast to Bolzano, real estate prices in Meran do not vary so much. Nevertheless, one can certainly call the centre and mainly Obermais as more expensive residential areas, as compared to Untermais and Sinich. Untermais stands out primarily for its tranquility and offers a wide range of leisure activities. Obermais, however, has always been known as a charming residential district.

In the surroundings of Merano, there are several towns that are closely linked to the city, where the prices of real estate are consistently below the level of Merano. Of particular note here are Lana, Marling, Tscherms, Algund, Burgstall, Gargazzone and Parcines. The Passeier valley, the Tschögglberg and the Ulten valley are areas that are predominantly rural.

Properties in Überetsch / Unterland
The Überetsch, consisting of the municipalities of Eppan and Kaltern, is characterized by its mild climate, strongly by the summer tourism and its fruits and viticulture. The real estate prices are dependent on the situation, especially in the municipality of Eppan. For example, real estate in St. Michael, St. Pauls and Girlan are sometimes as expensive as real estate in Gries / Bolzano, while the prices in the other fractions of Eppan are much lower.

The most populated places in the lowlands include Laives, Neumarkt, Auer and Tramin. In terms of price, real estate in Unterland is on an average below the level of the comparable Überetsch real estate. An exception is certainly Leifers, where the housing prices are higher, mainly because of its meanwhile excellent transport links to Bolzano, than in the Unterland average.

Properties in Val Gardena / Alta Badia / Sciliar area
This part of the country is dominated by second homes like no other. The main reason for this is the fantastic location in the middle of the Dolomites, which makes the Val Gardena and Alta Badia a popular holiday resort. The prices are high as well: The three Val Gardena community of Wolkenstein, St. Ulrich and St. Christina, are traded at prices similar to those in Corvara and Abbey, which are unparalleled in South Tyrol. Especially the prices for apartments on the open market are very high due to the high demand for second homes.

The apartment prices in the municipalities of Castelrotto and Völs am Schlern are clearly lower in comparison, but they are still above the South Tyrol average.

Real estate in Brixen / Eisacktal / Wipptal
The main town of the Eisacktal with over 20,000 inhabitants is Bressanone. The city is divided into the districts Centre, Stufels, Burgfrieden, Kranebitt, Milland, Zinggen and Rosslauf. Particularly noteworthy here are the old town with the famous Brixen Cathedral, Stufels with its large number of listed buildings, as well as Burgfrieden and Kranebitt where exclusive villas were built centuries ago because of its excellent location on the western slope of the city. In Bressanone too, real estate prices are heavily dependent on the location or district in which they are located.

The Wipptal with the capital Sterzing is the South Tyrolean district, which has the fewest inhabitants. Although the prices are highest in the city of Sterzing, in principle, one can say that in the Wipptal, unlike in most other parts of South Tyrol, real estate prices in the entire district are fairly constant.

Val Venosta
Vinschgau, with the main town of Schlanders is geographically subdivided into Obervinschgau and Untervinschgau. Obervinschgau runs from Reschen up to and including Laas and Untervinschgau from Schlanders to Naturns. A variety of smaller towns in the main valley and the many side valleys characterize the image of the westernmost district of South Tyrol.

Vinschgau is the district with the lowest average real estate prices in South Tyrol. Especially in Upper Vinschgau, the m2 living spaces cost significantly less than in the South Tyrolean average. Communities in Untervinschgau such as Schlanders, Latsch and Kastellbell-Tschars are indeed a small exception, but here too, the prices are still well below the average of the neighbouring Burgraviato.

Properties in Bruneck / Pustertal
With just under 16,000 inhabitants, Bruneck is the capital of Pustertal. Other important villages in the largest district of South Tyrol are Toblach, Innichen, Welsberg and Olang. In addition to the centre of Bruneck, apartment prices are highest in the municipalities of Toblach, Innichen and Sexten. The main reason for this is similar to the Val Gardena valley and in the neighbouring Alta Badia, the winter tourism. However, even in these localities, the prices are not nearly comparable to those in Val Gardena and Alta Badia.

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