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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

1. When is the commission due?
The commission is only owed if the real estate transfer is done through broker intervention. The commission is due as soon as the purchase preliminary contract has been signed.

2. What is the commission?
The commission, which owes both buyers and sellers solidarity in the successful sale of a property, amounts to 2-3% plus VAT for South Tyrolean properties. For properties located outside South Tyrol, however, a commission of 3% plus VAT is charged. When renting real estate, a commission of one month's rent is due.

3. What taxes and fees arise when buying a Property?
When buying your first home:
Tax Purchase from private Purchase from business
VAT / 4% of the purchase price
registration fees 2% (min. 1.000 €) € 200
Mortage fee € 50 € 200
Land registry fee € 50 € 200
*Assesment basis: land register return times 115,5

When buying a second home:
Tax Purchase from private Purchase from business
VAT / 10% of the purchase price
registration fees "9%* € 200
Mortage fee € 50 € 200
Land registry fee € 50 € 200
*Asessment basis: land registry return times 126

4. Can I sell my property by myself even after the order has been placed?
Even if you have entrusted us with the mediation, you can of course also sell or rent your property yourself. In this case, if you sell/rent your property without our assistance, we have no claim to commission payments or expense reimbursements.

5. What documents do we need to mediate your property?
Basically, we need the land certificate, the cadastral plan and the energy certificate of your property for marketing and the purchase transaction. Additional documents such as the settlement of the condominium fees, construction plans, the building description or the construction license are also required in many cases. If you have not already collected the documents, we will gladly help you.

6. What documents will be created by us for the brokerage of your property?
During a first visit, we will record all data relevant to the sale of your property and create high-quality photos of each individual room. After taking stock, we will create floor plans, renderings and, in most cases, a virtual tour of your property. Through this accurate documentation of your property, you can make sure that we get only potential buyers for a viewing appointment, who are really interested in your property. So you save a lot of time.

7. How will my property be marketed?
First, we will send the synopsis with all the data and documents of your property to all our registered clients. The marketing of your property will be done in consultation with us, whereby normally your property is published on our website and on a variety of different portals. Targeted newspaper advertisements as well as flyers are popular means that we use to market your property. The estimation of your property will be done by us free of charge.

8. What precautions should be taken before the visit?
The property should be found in a clean and neutral condition, both during the first visit and during any visits with interested parties. Personal items such as, if possible, a wedding photo should not be visible. Your apartment should also appear as bright as possible, so it is helpful to open all the blinds and shutters so that enough natural

9. What happens when a prospect reacts to an ad?
Potential buyers who are interested in your property will immediately receive all documents related to your property from us, after which a viewing appointment will be arranged in consultation with you. During subsequent negotiations, you will be well looked after and advised by us at each stage until the conclusion of the contract.

10. What is an energy certificate?
The energy certificate rates the energy efficiency of a property. If a building or an apartment is being built, sold or a new lease is being signed, an energy certificate must be issued. For individual housing units, the simplified energy certificate can be created according to state regulations by a technician registered professionally. This simplified energy certificate is valid for apartments of all energy classes.

11. Which energy classes exist?
KlimaHaus A Gold - heating requirements under 10 kWh/m2a
KlimaHaus A - heating requirements under 30 kWh/m2a
KlimaHaus B - heating requirements under 50 kWh/m2a
KlimaHaus C - heating requirements under 70 kWh/m2a
KlimaHaus D - heating requirements under 90 kWh/m2a
KlimaHaus E - heating requirements under 120 kWh/m2a
KlimaHaus F - heating requirements under 160 kWh/m2a
KlimaHaus G - heating requirements over 160 kWh/m2a

12. What advantage does it give me when I hire the agency to search?
All our customers who have requested a property search with us will be offered suitable properties. This will be done even before the property is published on various marketing channels. So you are the first to know about our latest offers.